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mynamesbri asked:

This is sooo random but my friends and I have been trying to figure this out for months. How do you get to the sith?

Okaay so. The entrance to the road/ path thing is on mountain drive off of Williams street. ( like near Berkshire organics)
All the way at the top of the street is like a blocked off road. It has no trespassing signs and such (ignore them). So I usually park on the street right there, then you start walking down the dirt road. After a little bit, there should be a path on the right, into the woods. You’ll know you’re on the right path when you see a little pond and a dam thing. You’re going to walk across the dam (it’s safe, it’s like rocks, but they’re secure)
Then you follow the path, and you’re going to turn to your left
Keep following the path and you should happen upon a huge concrete dam thing. Against your better judgement, go inside. And tadaaah, you’re at the sith (syth?) I don’t even know. Haha
Good luck!

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